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SA Recycling wins EPA grant to reduce emissions at port

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SAN PEDRO, Calif. – September 5, 2014 – The Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners has approved a $469,000 grant award from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) to retrofit cargo handling equipment used at the Port of Los Angeles. Funded through the federal agency’s Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) program, the grant was secured by the Port on behalf of two terminal tenants – SA Recycling and APM Terminals.

The Port will administer the grant funds for the project, which will involve retrofitting 14 pieces of cargo handling equipment with Level 3 diesel particulate filters. The retrofit will result in a reduction in particulate matter emissions by 85%, and carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon emissions by 90%. Retrofitted equipment will include a top handler, material handlers, loaders, haul trucks and a bulldozer. The project is expected to be completed by December 2015.

While the Port will oversee the grant project, SA Recycling and APM Terminals own the cargo handling equipment and will conduct the retrofits.

“Ports are the main gateway for U.S. trade and are critical to our country’s economic growth, yet the communities surrounding ports face serious environmental challenges,” said EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy. “Today we demonstrate that through collaboration and innovation we can achieve the goals of economic growth and environmental stewardship.”

“Through its Clean Air Action Plan (CAAP), the Port of Los Angeles has demonstrated its commitment to lowering diesel emissions in the San Pedro Bay Complex,” said David Thornburg, director of public affairs at SA Recycling. “We are so pleased to be part of the solution and commend the Port and the EPA for assisting us with innovative upgrades to our cargo handling equipment.”

The Port of Los Angeles was one of six ports nationwide to receive U.S. EPA funds as part of the DERA grants program, which focuses on retrofitting, replacing, or repowering diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions.

Setting new standards for quality and environmental leadership, SA Recycling is an industry-leading metal recycler. In addition to its operations at the Port of Los Angeles, which has been in operation since 1962, the company operates more than 50 recycling facilities throughout California, Texas, Arizona and Nevada.

APM Terminals operates a 400-acre container terminal at the Port of Los Angeles, part of a global terminal network that includes 20,300 employees in 67 countries, with interests in 70 port and terminal facilities. APM Terminals is committed to ensuring sustainability criteria is incorporated into the design and implementation of its facilities while mitigating significant sustainability-related risks.

The Port of Los Angeles is America’s premier port and has a strong commitment to developing innovative strategic and sustainable operations that benefit the economy as well as the quality of life for the region and the nation it serves. As the leading seaport in North America in terms of shipping container volume and cargo value, the Port generates more than 830,000 regional jobs and $35 billion in annual wages and tax revenues. The Port of Los Angeles – A cleaner port. A brighter future.

The Port of Los Angeles – A cleaner port. A brighter future.

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SA Recycling Becomes Members of Arizona Air Conditioning Contractors of AZ (ACCA)

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Our Phoenix location on 35th Ave is privileged to be accepted and become members of the Arizona Air Conditioning Contractors of AZ (ACCA). Below is the picture taken of the a tour of our facility with Executive Director of ACCA-Antoine Coffer and GM Robert Rodriguez.

The Association consists largely of contractors/companies representing the HVACR industry here in Arizona. The Association consists of partnerships with companies such as Parker & Sons, Chas Roberts, Donley Services, Hobaica and more. Also, the Association has numerous offices throughout the US, including Nevada and California. At SA Recycling we provide a service that is used by a great number of their members. We are certain that together, we can open many doors for SA Recycling yards throughout the Southwest as well as other Regions in the US.



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Boys & Girls Club Visit SA Recycling Santa Ana

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The Boys & Girls Club of Santa Ana toured our Santa Ana facility on July 25th, 2014.  The kids were educated on the recycling process and how it affects the environment.  As always, SA Recycling is please to have the opportunity to share our passion for recycling with today’s youth.

B and G Club Santa Ana Tour

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SA Recycling is the “Best Recycling Program”. Green Award Presented by the Las Vegas Business Press

posted by on July 23, 2014   |   

On the morning of Friday, July 18th, SA Recycling was presented with an award as “Best Recycling Program”. This was part of the annual “Green Awards” presented by the Las Vegas Business Press. Click here to read the web article published by the Las Vegas Review Journal.

Las Vegas Green Award Tree

las vegas green award business press

Las Vegas Green Award Brandon


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SA Recycling Receives Award From Oxnard Chamber Of Commerce

posted by on July 8, 2014   |   

The City of Oxnard’s Chamber of Commerce held a luncheon to honor local businesses and individuals with the Community & Business Awards on June 27th, 2014.  SA Recycling was honored to receive the award for Innovative Business of the Year.  SA Recycling has two locations in Oxnard, CA and the manager of said locations, Moises Morales, accepted the award on behalf of the company and also gave an excellent speech about recycling.  In attendance were the Deputy City Manager, Mayor and Vice Mayor, amongst others.

Also honored:

  • Distinguished Citizen of the Year, Gary Blum
  • Woman of the Year, Kristin Decas
  • Man of the Year, Capt. Steve Huber, USN (Ret)
  • Downtown Business of the Year, Barkley Insurance & Risk Management
  • Service Organization of the Year, Gull Wings Children’s Museum
  • Large Business of the Year, Ventura Pacific Company
  • Small Business of the Year, Diversified Minerals Inc.
  • Innovative Business of the Year, SA Recycling
  • Oxnard Trophy, The Collection at RiverPark

moises morales at chamber event

SA Recycling Oxnard Manager, Moises Morales, accepts award.  Steve Buenger MC’d the event.

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SA Recycling – Fighting Copper Theft in Las Vegas (video)

posted by on May 13, 2013   |   

Channel 13 Action News highlighted the ever prevalent issue of metal theft in the Las Vegas area.  SA Recycling, along with other local entities, are cracking down on thieves to reduce the problem.  Our very own Saul Haro, manager of two of the five SA Recycling Scrap Metal Recycling facilities in Las Vegas, explained how we as a company are helping to prevent metal theft.

Click Here to watch the video and read the full article.

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posted by on April 19, 2013   |   

Cars4firerescue.com donates cars and big rig vehicles for a 3 day vehicle training event in Riverside

Firefighters from all over the Western United States are getting crucial vehicle rescue training at the Ben Clark Fire Training center in Riverside, CA on May 6th-8th. The firefighters are counting on a program called cars4firerescue to assist in bringing in the vehicles needed for training.

Cars4firerescue.com allows the public to sell their vehicles for $150-$250 and have their vehicle donated for firefighters to train at rescue events. The program also donates $50 for every vehicle obtained through the program to help fund more rescue events.

“Without the cars to train with, these firefighters would not have the opportunity to train with today’s rescue equipment. We always need cars,” says Randy Babbitt, Director of the So Cal Auto X Academy.

During the three days of the event, firefighters will be introduced to new vehicle rescue techniques and challenges posed by today’s vehicles. Big Rig vehicles such as city buses, gas tanks, and tractor trailers will be used to simulate realistic vehicle accident scenarios to challenge everyone involved.

The vehicles will be crushed and placed in ways to simulate common and not so common real life incidents. The participants will use heavy lifting equipment to lift and stabilize vehicles. Participants will use hydraulic rescue tools (jaws of life) and electric power tools to cut through the vehicles to gain access to the passenger space and extricate entrapped “victims”.

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SA Recycling – Los Angeles port facility is seeking solicitations for bids.

posted by on January 24, 2013   |   

SA Recycling – Los Angeles port facility is seeking solicitations for bids.

SA Recycling’s Los Angeles port facility is seeking solicitations for bids to replace the following equipment:

Equipment Type
Lube Service Truck


Equipment Serial #

Job Type

The replacement must have BACT emissions compliant engines installed, which are equal in horsepower and design to the original manufacturer’s engines. All bids must be inclusive of all materials, labor, testing, freight, sales tax and delivery of equipment in one fixed price.
Funding for this project is through the National Clean Diesel Program as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act. Interested parties must comply with all federal regulations and reporting requirements associated with this program and must be in accordance with 40 CFR. Title 40 CFR is accessible at: http://www.epa.gov/lawsregs/search/40cfr.html.

To comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s Program for Utilization of Small, Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises, this solicitation for bids has the following MBE/WBE fair share objectives/goals:

MBE – 22%
WBE – 26%

We request that proposers make a good faith effort to meet these goals. Bids that do not meet this goal will be accepted however proof of a good faith effort must be submitted with the bid.

Solicitations must be made no later than February 24, 2013.

All solicitations and questions should be directed to David Brown (DBrown@sarecycling.com) or Frank Rojas (FRojas@sarecycling.com)

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SA Terminal Island Hosted Port of Los Angeles High School Students

posted by on November 2, 2012   |   

Last week SA Terminal Island hosted fifty-five Port of Los Angeles High School (www.polahs.net) students for their annual environmental field trip where they learned about recycling on a grand scale. In four separate groups they were shown the shredder, dock, different type of metal piles, and participated in classroom instruction on the recycling industry and careers. It is certain that the students walked away with a good understanding of what it means to recycle every piece of metal, what we do at the MRP and with ASR, what it means to the economy, and what careers may be available for them when they graduate in several years. Hats off to the employees that assisted in the tour.

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Clean Air Action Plan Awards Announced by Ports

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Check out this article, “Clean Air Action Plan Awards Announced by Ports”  from Green Economy.

The ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles recognized six companies with Clean Air Action Plan Air Quality Awards for exemplary efforts to reduce air pollution from their local maritime and goods-movement operations.

“We’re delighted to honor these companies for taking the time and effort to successfully reduce their environmental impacts through leadership and quick action. The companies operating at the two ports are working hard to be good neighbors by taking extra steps to improve air quality in the Harbor Area and Southern California,” said Port of Long Beach Executive Director J. Christopher Lytle. “These truly are industry leaders.”

“We continue to see significant year-over-year pollution reductions at the port complex, thanks in large part to our industry partners,” said Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Geraldine Knatz, Ph.D. “Beyond the commitment and investments made by the companies being honored in this year’s Air Quality awards, we applaud their efforts to innovate and take their operations to higher standards of efficiency and sustainability.”

Now in their fifth year, the annual Air Quality Awards began shortly after the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach approved the landmark San Pedro Bay Ports Clean Air Action Plan in 2006.

Port tenants and other organizations that serve the ports are eligible to be nominated. The judging panel includes port staff, as well as representatives from the South Coast Air Quality Management District, California Air Resources Board and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

This year’s awardees fall into two categories:

Air Quality Leadership at the Corporate Level

SA Recycling LLC: SA Recycling, which has a scrap-metal exporting facility in each port, has demonstrated a strong commitment to reducing air pollution beyond local and federal requirements and to shrinking its carbon footprint. The company has retrofitted or replaced about 80 percent of its local equipment in order to reduce harmful pollutants. SA Recycling was the first company in the scrap metal industry to add a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer and chemical scrubber to its metal-shredding operation to control volatile organic compounds and hazardous air pollutants. The company has also added low-NOx burner technology and dust collectors, and enclosed its shredder and other material handling and sorting areas. Additionally, SA Recycling is testing two all-electric yard trucks in partnership with the Port of Los Angeles and Balqon Corporation.

APL: APL, an international shipping line, has a companywide environmental policy which sets objectives and targets for reducing the company’s environmental impact. APL voluntarily uses low-sulfur fuel across the world and has been an industry leader in using shore power to cut its at-berth emissions. APL plans to spend nearly $4 billion over the next two years building and deploying some of the world’s more energy-efficient ships. It also is testing an innovative seawater scrubber device on one of its existing ships as part of the ports’ Technology Advancement Program. APL holds regular environmental training for its employees, including the “Go Green” initiative that empowers employees to develop processes to save energy and natural resources, promote recycling, and use green office products.

Harley Marine Services: Harley Marine, which operates tugboats in San Pedro Bay, has committed to a company-wide internationally certified environmental management standard. The company replaced the engines in three San Pedro Bay-based tugboats with the cleanest available models, and one of these tugs soon will be recertified to an even cleaner Tier 3 engine standard. These upgrades will reduce the company’s NOx emissions by 150 tons through 2012. Also, Harley Marine built and patented a Vapor Recovery Unit to remove hydrocarbon from tank barges during petroleum loading operations, resulting in up to a 98 percent reduction of volatile organic compounds. In 2011, Harley Marine began using shore power at its Los Angeles berth. Additionally, Harley Marine is housed in environmentally friendly modular buildings, and purchases only hybrid vehicles for use in the Los Angeles and Long Beach area.

Significant Early Action to Reduce Emissions

Pacific Harbor Line: Pacific Harbor Line, which provides switcher rail services within the ports, operates the most environmentally friendly fleet of locomotives in the country. Over the past year, PHL has completed a $12 million program to reduce emissions by replacing the engines in 16 of its locomotives with the cleanest available diesel technology. Each engine also is equipped with state-of-the-art exhaust after-treatment systems, resulting in locomotives that exceed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s most stringent emission standards. The upgraded diesel engines cut particulate matter by 85 percent and nitrogen oxides by 38 percent over the previous engines.

BP: BP, which has two petroleum terminals in Long Beach, operates the only tanker facility in the world to use shore power during the offloading of cargo. The shore power project at Berth 121 in Long Beach was a completely voluntary effort to reduce emissions as tankers are not subject to the state’s shore power regulation. In 2011, 33 ship visits used shore power, representing 14 percent of the calls to that berth. Last year, the use of shore power reduced nitrogen oxides by 56,700 pounds, sulfur oxides by 1,000 pounds, and particulate matter by 2,100 pounds.

Matson Navigation Company: Matson, a shipping line with a terminal in Long Beach, started using shore power two years before the state regulation makes it a requirement. In 2011, the shipping line commissioned five ships equipped with shore power capabilities, and vessels now routinely plug into the electrical grid. Matson ships spend about 76 percent of their berthing time plugged into shore power. Shore power nearly eliminates at-berth emissions by allowing ships to shut down their auxiliary engines.

The Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach are the two busiest U.S. seaports, moving $355 billion in trade each year and supporting hundreds of thousands of jobs in Southern California.


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