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New Years Resolution to be Green

New Year’s resolutions are meant to be kept and mine this year is to be environmentally friendly. There are many ways to go green and I am going to start with recycling. When I look around my home I see so many things to recycle. Not only are these things easy to recycle but I can be paid money to recycle it.

I can recycle the empty soda cans in my trash, the broken refrigerator in my garage, some broken metal shelving, junk bicycles, junk BBQ and many other items laying around my home.

My goal is to load up a truck with these items and take them to my nearest recycling facility. Not only will this minimize the clutter in my home but I will be paid money for this at the recycling facility. I know these items will be handled in the most environmentally friendly way. I see nothing but positives to this new year’s resolution.

So if you are like me and you want to join in on making your home green in 2011, you can visit www.gotscrap.com to see where the nearest recycling center is.

For more tips on becoming green, I read www.Earth911.com.

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