What does recycling mean to you? For us, recycling is a word of endless opportunities to innovate, grow and advance the industry of recycling. We will always be looking for ways to redefine recycling.

Walker Brothers Machinery Moving, Inc. is a Recycling Redefined Kind of Company

SA Recycling is proud to work with a company like Walker Brothers Machinery. The premier machinery moving and rigging company, located in Southern, CA, recycles their scrap metal with SA Recycling on a monthly basis.

The company, who deals with heavy machinery, rigging, erecting and storage solutions, ends up with hundreds of tons of scrap from discarded machinery every month.
Their goal is to consciously do their part to preserve the world we live in today and SA Recycling is happy to help them achieve that goal.

Walker Brothers is a recycling redefined kind of company because in 2011 they committed to over 4 million dollars updating their complete fleet of trucks to current models which will help reduce thier impact on the environment by keeping current with the latest emissions standards and regulations.

For more information visit Walker Brothers Machinery Moving.

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