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Color of Glass Significance

Glass is a renewable resource that can be recycled endlessly without losing it’s quality. There are many benefits to using glass to store our food and drink, it’s tamper resistant, it does not affect taste and it’s rigid which is important for transportation. So it is important to recycle your glass, but, while sifting through your glass recyclables, you may ask “Why do I have to separate by color?” The task of separating your brown beer bottles from your clear jam jars may seem tedious, but there is a logical explanation of why we do it.

The color of the glass depends on what type of food or drink is going into the glass. If the substance is not affected by light, it will go into a clear glass container. This is true for many substances like sauces, water and alcohol. However, other substances, like beer, would be ruined by light, so it goes into a brown glass container for protection.

The glass is colored during the manufacturing process by adding oxides colorants. Since color is so significant during the manufacturing process, color is also significant during the recycling process.

For more information on the color significance of glass, click here.

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