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Long Beach Harbor Commissioner Visits SA Recycling

Wednesday, June 15th Long Beach Harbor Commissioner Mr. Thomas Fields and Executive Assistant Dr. Noel Hacegaba made a visit to SA Long Beach. The tour started with an overview of the company and our facility from the upstairs office and then a walking tour of the yard and vessel.  Commissioner Fields, the newest and last of the five (now four with Mario Cordero’s departure) commissioners to visit SA Recycling, “was fascinated” with our operation.

The tour concluded with a ship tour of the MOL Vessel presently loading at our dock. While the commissioner has toured vessels before, he has never toured a bulk vessel while it is being loaded. The mass of 30 metric tons being placed in the cargo hold in one pass of the bucket was amazing to see, as well as a cargo hold capable of holding almost 100 million pounds of cargo .

Commissioner Fields was able to see a different view of the Gerald Desmond Bridge from the bow of the vessel. We spoke about the proximity of the bridge and how practical it would be to recycle the bridge at SA Recycling; using our electric crane and sheer to off load and cut-up the metal for recycling.

The tour, I believe, will make a lasting impression on the Commissioner where he will recall the benefits the port has with having the most environmentally friendly company in the recycling industry in this port.  All in all a win-win for the port and SA Recycling partnership in greening and producing results.

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