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Cars Run Off Coffee

We all know vehicles are ever increasingly going green. Well, now they are going bean. Coffee bean that is. “The Coffee Car” was created by the Teesdale Conservation Volunteers of Durham, England and has broken the Guinness World Record “for vehicles run on gas from organic waste”. The vehicle’s top speed is 77.5 miles per hour, beating out the previous record holder, the wood-burning Beaver XR7 that travels up to 47.7 miles per hour. So how does a car run off coffee? According to BBC news, “Engineer Martin Bacon from County Durham equipped the car with a gasifier which burns organic material at high temperature. This produces combustible gases which, after cleaning and cooling, are used to fuel an adapted combustion engine.” The coffee car successfully drove from London to Manchester, roughly 209 miles. Most of us run on coffee anyway, why not our cars? See you in the espresso lane!

Engineer Martin Bacon with The Coffee Car.

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  • alan on October 1, 2011

    I thought i had seen everything till this, would not fancy sitting behind this in traffic. what is it like on emissions.

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