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SA Recycling Takes Delivery of Two All-Electric Yard Trucks

SA Recycling took another big step in the green direction last week. They acquired an all-electric yard truck which will be used to move containers and roll-off bins throughout SA Recycling’s Port of Los Angeles facility; a second truck will be delivered sometime this month. The trucks are provided through a generous grant from the Port of Los Angeles in partnership with Balqon Corporation, leaders in heavy duty all-electric clean truck technology. The trucks will replace older diesel trucks that have been used for years in the port and will play a significant role in cleaning the air. SA Recycling applauds and thanks the Port of Los Angeles for their efforts and funding to make this truck delivery program possible. In roughly three years’ time the Clean Truck Program has efficiently reduced port-related truck pollution by at least 80%, achieving all its goals in record time. Emission studies show that since 2005, emission from trucks alone have been reduced dramatically, including a 92% reduction in sulfur oxides, an 89% reduction in diesel particulate matter, and a 77% reduction in nitrogen oxides, helping to make this port complex the cleanest in the nation, if not the world.

SA Recycling’s commitment to the environment is crystal clear, from its state of the art shredder filtration equipment to its stormwater treatment plant, they are committed to doing their part to Green the Port. Making steel from recycled metal, versus making it from iron ore, reduces greenhouse gases by up to 90%, thus making SA Recycling a significant contributor to the reduction of worldwide greenhouse gases. They will be celebrating their 50th year of operation on Terminal Island in late February, a milestone that marks the achievement and dedication of so many great employees that make up the framework of their organization.

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